Our old site was in need of a makeover and, as a retired store mgr, I needed to learn this new way of doing business. We wanted to understand the importance of sharp images, captivating descriptions and how these items affect length of visit, etc. Thanks to the team at 3W Ventures, we are now on track to a profitable future.
-- Keith E.
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Online Marketing

Would you pay a dime to bring a very interested potential customer to your web site? How about a nickel?

While optimizing your site to be included in search engine results is critical to the web development process, an optional method of increasing traffic on your site is to pay for visitors.

How pay-per-click advertising works

There are numerous pay-per-click services and they all work in a similar fashion. To begin the process, your company establishes an account and sets a monthly budget for advertising. You then identify the keywords that are relevant to your business and that your potential customers may be searching on. With each keyword, you set a bid — the maximum amount you would pay to bring a visitor to your site with that keyword.

The pay-per-click services have relationships with major search engines. When someone searches on one of the keywords for which you've placed a bid, your site will be listed in the Sponsor Matches portion of the results. If the person clicks on your listing, you'll pay for that click and you'll have a very interested potential customer on your site. If the person doesn't click, you pay nothing.

A pay-per-click advertising campaign example

Let's say you're a real estate agent in Merrick. You have built an excellent site that showcases your services and property listings. You've optimized your site to generate high rankings on the search engines for relevant keywords. Your site appears within the top 10 results on the major search engines when someone searches on keywords such as "Merrick real estate" and "Merrick listing agent."

Business is good, but it could be better. You want more traffic. This is when pay-per-click marketing can be beneficial.

You set up an account with one of the pay-per-click advertising services and set a monthly budget of $200. You bid on "Merrick residential real estate" and set your bid at $0.38. This gets you the top position in the Sponsored Matches section when someone searches Yahoo or MSN.com.

Throughout the month, people visit these search engines, look for "Merrick residential real estate" and your site appears. Each time someone clicks on it, $0.38 is deducted from your account but you pay no more than $200 per month.

How 3W Ventures can help

Anyone can set up an online advertising campaign, but not everyone knows how to do it right. Hiring 3W Ventures to manage your campaign will save you money and maximize your return on investment. How?

  • We'll help focus the ad campaign on the aspects of your business most likely to benefit from pay-per-click advertising.
  • We'll ensure that the site itself is ready for traffic generated from the ad campaign.
  • We help write the search listings in a way that will attract the most click-throughs and better qualify the people who click so you're not paying for visitors who aren't likely to become customers.
  • 3W Ventures knows how to find bargains among the bids.
  • You'll save time because we are already familiar with most pay-per-click advertising services.

3W Ventures manages online advertising campaigns using the following services:

  • Google AdWords
  • Yahoo Sponsorships

Let's get started!

Are you ready to launch your online advertising campaign? Contact 3W Ventures and we'll develop a strategy that maximizes your return on investment.